Artists’ Revival Retreat: Reconnect, Refuel, and Revive

artists' revival retreat taos new mexico pamela underwood studios

Artists’ Revival Retreat: Reconnect, Refuel, and Revive

In Taos, New Mexico, the Artists’ Revival Retreat will take place at the Mabel Dodge Luhan House, hosted by Pamela Underwood and Helen Wilson. Experience a spiritual realignment unlike any other at this retreat, where your surroundings, fellow artists, and complete tranquility will only aid in your soulful experience.

With last year’s Artists’ revival exhibit being a wide success, many look forward to the Artists’ Revival Retreat annual exhibit.

This bohemian dream at the Mabel Dodge Luhan will provide a complete week’s worth of personal exploration, one-of-a-kind architectural appreciation, daily art exploration, creative living, yoga, labyrinth walks, and visits to an eclectic town full of new flavors and arts.

Register for this event before the opportunity passes you by. If you register before May 20, 2017, you can take $100 off from the registration cost. Click here to sign up for an unforgettable retreat and to save $100 doing it.


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