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Dear Creatives, The New Normal is communication 6 feet apart through colorful face masks. The New Normal is virtual birthday parties & family reunions. OUR New Normal is developing an ART HABIT! After 11 weeks of THE ART HABIT “normal life” is slowly opening up around the United States. However, as we gain more freedom, we must […]


Dear Creatives, I am excited to offer two new online courses starting June 10 (See below the video). The videos that I have been featured in THE ART HABIT, while we’ve been sheltering in place, have been taken from these courses. If you’ve enjoyed them, Register Today! This newsletter offers a resource to find a labyrinth […]


Dear Creatives, If we practice paying attention to our body sensations, we are able to notice things in the world that elicit a feeling, a quickening, a fleeting memory, whether comfortable or uncomfortable. These “things” are personal place holders. They elicit a body sensation because they are what we are supposed to be working with. […]


Our Sand Tray Images Now Bless the New Texas Studio! Dear Creatives, It’s been eight weeks since we started THE ART HABIT while sheltering in place. During that time I have shared videos, tips and inspirations and some of the art that others have shared with me while practicing THE ART HABIT with us. This […]


A TREASURE HUNT FOR SOUNDS Explore your home, garage and yard for things that make sound Try a wine Glass rimmed with water for a high pitched sound. Find a box and stretch rubber bands around it for a ‘string instrument’. Look around the kitchen for wooden spoons as drum mallets. Use a 5 gallon […]


Creativity Gets Lost If -we can’t let go of control -we have a fear of mistakes -we can’t set our ego aside -we are staying locked in our comfort zone The truth is that we are innately creative beings. Our true self lies there.  Our creativity may seem lost at times but it only needs […]


Dear Creatives, Welcome to Week Five of The Art Habit; Tips and inspirations to help us Thrive Creatively as we Shelter in Place. Wow, Week Five. And that’s just here in Texas. This week I am feeling connected to my family, home and my planet in new ways. We are all learning from each other […]


Dear Creatives, First I want to make a correction to the tune of 297,000. In last week’s newsletter, I was remembering my feelings following the Cedar Firestorm in southern California. In some ways these memories parallel this quarantine for me; the sense of being in chaos, in limbo and dwelling in the unknown are close […]


Dear Creatives, Our current situation takes me back to the last time I found myself in the “unknown” for an extended period of time. It was 2003 when I had big plans for the year. I had just finished building my new Southern California studio and printed 300 giant postcards, with exciting events for 2004. […]

SD Voyager Interview

I had such a wonderful time speaking with the SD Voyager about my passion for expressive arts. I hope you enjoy reading here

Poem Written in the Time of Cholera by Kathleen O’Mara 1869

“And people stayed at homeAnd read booksAnd listenedAnd they restedAnd did exercisesAnd made art and playedAnd learned new ways of beingAnd stopped and listenedMore deeplySomeone meditated, someone prayedSomeone met their shadowAnd people began to think differentlyAnd people healed.And in the absence of people whoLived in ignorant waysDangerous, meaningless and heartless,The earth also began to healAnd […]

Season’s Greetings; My Gift to YOU

  A JOURNAL PAGE “Your Child Self in conversation with your Adult Self “ This is a timeless way to allow the wisdom of your child and the wisdom of your adult to show up in the here and now.  After all, they both are present always. To Begin Make a copy of two different […]

bodywriting retreat for women pamela underwood studios

Limited availability: Bodywriting Retreat for Women

Clear your schedule–there’s 1 spot left for our annual Bodywriting Retreat for Women, with your name on it.  The retreat begins Wednesday, June 7 and ends Sunday, June 11, 2017. This retreat for women will take place at my home/studio in Poway, CA, only 35 minutes from San Diego. Here’s what you can expect from this expressive […]

expressive arts studio san diego area

Three reasons why you should visit the Expressive Arts studio in San Diego

You’re planning a San Diego trip soon, wanting a memorable experience to take home, so why not visit the Pamela Underwood Expressive Arts Studio in Poway, California? Of course there are the beaches, the San Diego Zoo, the Gaslamp Quarter, and more, but there is also a place where you can create your own art through […]

artists' revival retreat taos new mexico pamela underwood studios

Artists’ Revival Retreat: Reconnect, Refuel, and Revive

In Taos, New Mexico, the Artists’ Revival Retreat will take place at the Mabel Dodge Luhan House, hosted by Pamela Underwood and Helen Wilson. Experience a spiritual realignment unlike any other at this retreat, where your surroundings, fellow artists, and complete tranquility will only aid in your soulful experience. With last year’s Artists’ revival exhibit being a […]

bodywriting retreat for women pamela underwood studios

Strength in Numbers: a Retreat for Women

The more people that come together, the stronger the bonds between those people. In a recent Exhibit from the Bodywriting Retreat for Women, insightful females came together to admire detailed, intimate art from Pamela Underwood Studios’ Bodywriters. These Bodywriters shared their experiences through the paintings on display, each as intricate and telling as a personal biography. And […]

The Imprint of Women: we are powerful!

Pamela Underwood Studios will be hosting the upcoming event, “The Imprint of Women“.  The Imprint of Women will take place April 29, 2017 at Expressive Arts@32nd and Thorn. This event features previous Bodywriters and their art work, with their personal readings that tie thoughts to what they have created during the Bodywriting Retreat for Women. This […]

Bodywriting®: Body prints that go beyond physical shape

Pamela Underwood brings women together. Moreover, she brings them together by guiding retreat participants through the process of listening to their inner selves, processing what they are hearing, and then reflecting that inner self onto a canvas. She does this through a process called Bodywriting®. As the founder of Bodywriting Retreats for Women in 1994, […]

poway, california natural beauty

Poway, CA: city of natural beauty and art

Tucked away in San Diego County is the city of Poway, CA. It is a gem that holds Pamela Underwood Studios and more. Poway’s natural beauty is second to none. While typical visitors keep their eyes focused on the city of San Diego, Poway gleams with the forgotten natural beauty that so much of Southern […]

art center of ramona

Ultimate combination: beautiful artwork and free snacks

The Art Center of Ramona will be hosting a community event for those who appreciate in-depth art pieces and thrive on creativity, Friday, February 17. If you are searching for inspiration at the end of your week, simply stroll into  The Artists’Revival Retreat for Women Exhibit.  This completely free event is at The Art Center […]