Bodywriting®: Body prints that go beyond physical shape

Bodywriting®: Body prints that go beyond physical shape

Pamela Underwood brings women together. Moreover, she brings them together by guiding retreat participants through the process of listening to their inner selves, processing what they are hearing, and then reflecting that inner self onto a canvas.

She does this through a process called Bodywriting®. As the founder of Bodywriting Retreats for Women in 1994, Pamela uses this innovative way of art as a personal expressive form. Through Bodywriting Retreats, she teaches participants to embrace their primal creative minds. Participants’ bodies become the tools of the art being created.  While the finished product begins as a life-sized image of one’s personal body, the final image has it’s own identity and message for the participant.

What makes Pamela’s process special is her use of the resources humans are given as their birthright: movement, writing, sounds, and visual art.

When you visit the Bodywriting Galleries, you will notice no two body prints are ever the same. Not only are the physical bodies that are depicted on their canvases shaped differently, but the colors used, the tone of the paintings, the emotion portrayed in the painting body, and other subtle features make each and every painting a true, unique work of art.

Before a body even lays on a canvas, before paint hits the board, there is so much inner expression that surfaces and supplies the weight of a bodywriter’s paint brush. Pamela has mastered excavation of these inner expressions, and if the opportunity ever arises for you, sign up for a Bodywriting Retreat to see how your canvas emerges.

Join us for the free Bodywriting Exhibit, The Imprint of Women, April 29, 2017 at Expressive Arts @ 32nd and Thorn.

Next Bodywriting Retreat for Women, June 7-11, 2017


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