5 Night/6 Day Bodywriting® Retreat for Women, Wimberley, Texas

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5 Night/6 Day Bodywriting® Retreat for Women, Wimberley, Texas

bodywriting retreat for women pamela underwood studios

Since 1994


BEFORE July 15, 2021

AND SAVE $100! 

An Art Based/Body Centered Expressive Arts Retreat


Slather paint on your nude body and reclaim it, as your first creative partner.




Since the beginning of Bodywriting® in 1994, women have been reclaiming their body as their first creative partner through poetry, visual art, sound and movement.

Through the portals of art making participants re-visit, re-member and re-shape the stories held in their bodies on a cellular level.

During this retreat, we realize that we are never alone in the creative process.

  • We drop masks and pretense.
  • We stay current with one another, speaking our truth in a safe circle.
  • We print our nude bodies and become co-creator with the image that arrives.
  • We remain open and curious.  We meet the image asking, “Where are you from?  Are you human, animal, bird, otherworldly or an earth being?  What do you bring that I can learn from?  What do you need from me next?”
  • We rattle and drum, clearing our mind and lifting the energy of the circle.
  • We journal every day, creating poetry for inspiration and direction.
  • We learn helpful ways to share our art and the art of others.
  • We close our eyes. We breathe and do the movement and stretch that our body needs.
  • We rest.  We walk.  We soak.  We reflect.

During Bodywriting we follow the image as a companion and a guide.  We practice novel ways to be in relationship to our creativity,  and our sensing body.

We return to our daily lives with arms full;  full of art, resources, inspiration, community and a new lens with which to view our world.

Join Us.

YOU are the only pioneer who can navigate YOUR inner landscape.


Thank you for the powerfully transforming experience that is Bodywriting.

I am still amazed that something this powerful came out of that process…
Bodywriting is so much more than the art that came from it. It’s so much about the supportive group process and the support and safe environment you provide with it.
Thank you for making this all possible for us.
~Naomi (Catherine Vinson)

…Pamela , just last night I was staring at my Bodywriting art, ruminating about how far I’ve come in three years (since Bodywriting) and how it would be great to come full circle again now that I have healed so much. It was a very empowering thought and just another testament to the incredible power of your concept and process.
~Joy Keller, Writer


Debbie Love
When I decided to give Bodywriting a try, I was an emotional and physical wreck.  My marriage of 22 years was dissolving.  I was really surprised how many of my feelings surfaced (the first) night (during the Intuitive Collage).   The experience of slathering paint on my body and imprinting not only gave me a spiritual sense of freeing myself, it was fun!  I felt a real connection with the other women.  I left there feeling stronger, more sure of myself, more creative.   Thank you, Pamela, for your loving guidance and direction.
~Debbie Love, Real Estate Agent


Jan PhillipsPamela Underwood’s Bodywriting workshops are a portal into a deeper part of ourselves, an opening into that place of light within where we can make sense of our experiences and listen to our body’s wisdom.
~Jan Phillips, Writer, Motivational Speaker


Bodywriting is a beautiful unfolding of each others stories, and a weaving together of our experiences

and feelings so that the images that these feelings carry begin to emerge…

This allows us to witness each other deeply, and be seen, no matter where we are on our own journey.

When women come together for Bodywriting, there is depth, passion, play, fun, laughter, and discovery.

There is collective joy experienced that is greater than the individuals’ joy when we share in each others transformational growth.
~ Megan Matthews, Dancer/Actress



Where do I begin to say a heartfelt THANK YOU (to Pamela Underwood) for an amazing experience!  The bond I felt with our group was so safe, comfortable, and warm… it was like a giant hug held me throughout the weekend. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Thanks to you… I can now shout from the rooftops – I AM AN ARTIST!
~Violet Lyall, Writer/Editor


Kate McCavittSo much of the sum total of me shifted there (at Bodywriting).  Like the big clamshell the woman comes out of, or the head of Zeus, or Spiderwoman’s lair… If you saw the “March of the Penguins,” you’ll know what I mean when I say I will always have a deep hard-wired notion to spend time (at Pamela Underwood Studios).
~Kate McCavitt, Artist



woman painting spiritual artThis is a video testimonial by film maker/professor `

~Roberta Cantow.
Roberta made this short film about Bodywriting as an example for her students.



How Bodywriters Move Forward Together


“Beyond Bodywriting”  is open to all past Bodywriters.  It is an opportunity to go more deeply into your process with the support of  guidance, sacred space and community.  Contact Pamela for future dates.


“The Imprint of Women”

Bodywriters have the opportunity to exhibit their work from our retreat every few years, together with presenting at the opening reception, reading from their journals or expressing with movement or poetry.

Below is a slide show of our latest Bodywriting Exhibit.


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October 11 2021


Start: October 11
End: October 16
Cost: $1,995
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