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Expressive Arts Facilitator Training



“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?…” 

Mary Oliver  


Pamela helping a trainee with her mask.

Personal Note From Pamela:
We will be meeting online for the first three intensives and then, depending on COVID, we will gather at my studio in Wimberley, Texas for our final intensive and graduation.

I offer this certificate program because I feel that it is important to train more Expressive Arts Facilitators for our world!  And its about sharing my signature group, “Image Quest Sojourn™”,  with you,   | Click here to read more

Thanks for your interest in Pamela Underwood’s Expressive Arts Facilitator Training”.   Pamela Underwood Expressive Arts Studios has built body centered/art based communities through expressive arts retreats, groups and workshops for women, since 1994.

Image Quest Sojourn™ Group Facilitator Option:

On completion of this program graduates will be prepared to facilitate expressive arts groups of their own design or weave expressive arts into their existing practice.  

They also have the option to take advantage of continued supervision to become an approved Image Quest Sojourn™ Facilitator.   

With more approved expressive arts group facilitators,  Pamela looks forward to casting a broader net for leaders to guide individuals in living lives through the principles of expressive arts; with resiliency, wisdom and the inner knowing that creativity brings. 



  • Four/  5 day training intensives held approximately every other 3 month at Pamela Underwood’s Wimberley Texas Studio, over a period of 14 months, with a total of 240 hours of  in person and virtual expressive arts facilitator training and coaching.
  • A proven expressive arts group (Image Quest Sojourn since 2004) will be modeled  for  trainees to create their own expressive arts classes or workshops, integrating the techniques and principles of expressive arts facilitation.
  • Before graduating participants will market and implement their own 8 Week Expressive Arts Group while under the guidance of Pamela Underwood Studios.
  • Participants who complete this program will exhibit at the Facilitator Training’s Mastery Show where they will speak with confidence about their personal artwork, process and principles and practices of the expressive arts.
  • Approved facilitator’s name and information will be listed on the Pamela Underwood Expressive Arts Studios Approved Facilitator website page for one full year after graduating.  Continued listing is possible with regular supervision hours with Pamela Underwood.
  • Personal Growth: Participants will gain clarity and direction in their personal life, find a deeper connection to their own personal imagery and their reason for making art and philosophy of life..

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Specific Dates of Intensives will be announced.
Email Pamela to confirm starting date of training.

Example Intensive Schedule
Wednesday – 9:00am-6:00pm
Thursday  –  9:00pm – 6:00pm
Friday  –       9:00am-6:00pm
Saturday  –   9:00am-6:00pm
Sunday  –     9:00am-2:00pm

In order for participants to plan ahead, intensive dates are set at the beginning of the course.  This program is designed so that each intensive and assigned fieldwork prepares the participant/group for the next intensive.

Your attendance is important at each intensive to maintain a sense of safety for our circle, group cohesiveness and to gain the hours and knowledge you will need to complete the course and become a confident expressive arts facilitator.

Details of Program

Your Investment:
$6500 includes supplies for in person intensive and The Safe Container Feedback Deck

FYI:  NOT including outing fees,  travel, lodging or supplies for Virtual Circles, assigned Fieldwork or  Image Council Card Deck.

Housing and meals during In-Class, Wimberley, Texas sessions will be up to the student to secure and pay for.

Virtual Circles and Classroom
For Virtual Circles and Classroom, student’s must have sufficient internet connection, privacy and a device
larger than a cell phone to participate.

To Apply

1. Contact Pamela to confirm training intensive dates
Mark training dates in your calendar to be sure you can attend.
Then, indicate your intention to apply in an email to Pamela’s personal address

2.  Send the following packet:
Resume: including a head shot, degrees, awards, leadership, community service, volunteer, art discipline preference, expressive arts workshops taken, any facilitation experience, experience in any of the arts, exhibitions, if any, plus what you feel is relevant to your application.

Brief Essay: (a few of paragraphs) about what drew you to the program and why you feel it would be of benefit to you and how you might use the knowledge.

Digital Portfolio: 5-10 examples of your creative work- via documents or email images with a reference sheet that identifies each image with corresponding title or number, size, medium and date of work. These works of art can be a combination of visual journals, 2D art, assemblage and 3D art, literary work, video or sound track of original music, spoken word, dance or performance.

Application Fee:  $50 VENMO or Paypal or check – Non Refundable.

3.  After Packet Review
Pamela will contact you to set up an initial interview via ZOOM.


This is a long term commitment and is not for everyone.  All group participants as well as myself must be dedicated to the ongoing maintenance of our group as a safe container in order to go into the necessary chaos of new learning and art making.

This includes attending all four, five day intensives for the full scheduled time, arriving early to be on time each day and participating through the closing circle on our last day.

This program is for those who know they can be motivated to complete independent fieldwork, take responsibility for their own emotional well being as well as being able to  contribute to the group as a whole.

To keep participants’ interest high this program is meant to be challenging and engaging every step of the way!

 Let me know if you have any questions or feedback by emailing me at  or by making a phone date with me via email!

 I look forward to talking with you about what you plan to do with your one wild and precious life!



Professional Growth:
Existing Practice: Participants will be prepared to integrate expressive arts into an existing profession.  Example:  Retreat or Workshop Facilitator, Coach, Teacher, Therapist, Counselor

Participants will be prepared to embark on a new practice in guiding others in growth, mindfulness and clarity through the expressive arts.

Personal Growth:  This training is a personal commitment to explore one’s own inner landscape while discovering the innate gifts and resources which enrich their soul’s voice.
It is for participants who long to deepen seamlessly into their true artist self, gaining the tools to invite creativity as a constant companion, promising emotional growth, balance and developing an inner compass for direction through the arts.

This program serves participants seeking growth through an art immersion program guided by the principles of expressive arts and those who are ready to explore and learn through unconventional techniques.

Community Building: The expressive arts are uniquely suited for building strong heart/art based communities via cross pollination of ideas, personal history, skills, stories and trust. Helping to build and becoming part of and expressive arts community is one of the most satisfying ways to communicate, express and live life with resiliency.


Sample Agenda

Day 1

  • Individual consultation with Pamela & self guided use of the studio.
  • Introduction of Intensive Topic/Lecture

Day 2-4

  • Guided art techniques, expressive arts process art and artistic inquiry.
  • Studio time with “one on one supervision”

Day 5

  •  Intro/didactic presentation for Fieldwork and next Intensive
  • Closing.

This is a NON-RESIDENTIAL course.
Look in Wimberley Texas for convenient accommodations.

Studio Location:
Pamela Underwood Expressive Arts Studio
Wimberley, Texas

Transportation from Austin Bergstrom Airport
Cloud Nine Shuttle

Structure of the Expressive Arts Facilitator Training
Group participants meet approximately every other month for a 5 day non-residential intensive.
A total of 240 studio hours will be completed during Intensives at the Poway Studio and between Intensives during Independent Fieldwork.
Intensives must be attended to complete the course.

Requirements between Intensives

Independent Study “Fieldwork” assignments will be given between intensives and must be completed to acquire the hours.

Attendance is required for any scheduled Conference Calls  to qualify for hours.

Creating and implementing a 12 week workshop between the intensives is required for hours

FYI: The level of your commitment to this program is equal to approximately 2 years of higher education.  It is possible that a university which accepts independent study applications would accept this program for its required courses.  This, of course, would be solely up to the participant to research and implement.


During the two year program a visual journal will be created as an ongoing container with the capacity to hold a growing, shifting, alive mixed media body of work!

1. Linoleum Block Printing: Carve a series of personal print blocks, building a library of print block images for use in journals, fabric and paper.

2. Mono printing using personal stencil designs.

PERSONAL STENCIL DESIGN:  Burn and cut stencil designs for use with mono printing, acrylics, spray paints and Adirondack Dyes

INTUITIVE COLLAGE©: A proven technique for accessing personal imagery through sensory awareness, also used periodically for personal image ‘check ins’.

CREATE A PERSONAL IMAGE COUNCIL© CARD DECK”: Each participant will identify and publish a personal “Image Council Card Deck” (cost not included in the initial course Investment)

COLOR EXPLORATION W/ACRYLICS: Explore color as a form of expression in and of itself, beginning with color mixing exercises on fabric and paper.

DRAWING AS MEDITATION: Develop the intimate practice of drawing from deeply within the body, building trust between eye, heart and hand.

MIXED MEDIA & FIBER ARTS EXPLORATION: Use of fabrics and paper for collage and sewing, incorporated in acrylic painting, journal pages and freeform fabric/paper assemblages.


In addition to the techniques above participants will learn “process skills” for use in  helping to move their future group participant’s (and  their own) visual work forward and eliminating “stagnant” or “blocked” periods in the creative process.

IMAGE RESEARCH: Researching artists, composition, color and pattern that will influence the participants own artistic voice.

ARTISTIC INQUIRY: Responding with  expressive arts, the participant gains a new perspective of what the art needs next.

FEEDBACK METHODS: Expressive arts feedback methods help individual and group participant’s feel safe to tell their truth and make art that is personal but not always pretty.

Participants are also responsible for three presentations to the group which includes a written paper, tracking their own personal artistic process. The last workshop culminates in a presentation which reflects on the participant’s identity as an artist and forecast into future, concrete projects and endeavors.  All participants will move forward with confidence and the support of established core groups for regular conference call check-ins.

As you can see this program is extensive and covers not only visual techniques but new ways to perpetuate one’s own personal process, techniques to avoid creative drought and a deep understanding of how expressive arts works to bring a more resilient, resourceful life.


Marsha; Featured on our “James Hubble Home/Studio” Outing

Marsha Moyer- Testimonial

I enrolled in the Image Quest facilitator training program because I was profoundly inspired by Pamela’s promise of a “deeply personal journey of enlightenment, clarity, and [the development of] a sense of belonging in a new world.”
Energized by this vision, I began – and I have found a calling that brings together all the aspects of my life:  family caregiver, graduate studies, writer and poet, spiritual seeker and supporter of women and families.
In this program I have been able to be totally myself and to express my insights and visions through a variety of creative mediums.
I have found fertile grounding for the growth and development of journeys of the spirit, guided by the mentorship of Pamela Underwood’s own commitment to her work and vision.
February 16 2022


Start: February 16, 2022
End: April 16, 2023
Cost: $6500
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  • Application and Payment Schedule
  • $50 Application Fee (will be applied to final payment if accepted)
  • First Payment $2000 Due
  • ($500 Non Refundable)
  • November 1, 2019
  • Final Payment $2450 Due
  • ($2500-$50 application fee)
  • (Non Refundable after first session)
  • December 1, 2019
  • Payment Methods: Check, Cash
  • Credit Card or Paypal with 2.5% charge fee