NEW ONLINE 12 Week Image Quest Sojourn™

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NEW ONLINE 12 Week Image Quest Sojourn™

Visual Journaling for Personal Transformation

“Image Quest Sojourn is not about what I make or how it looks.  It’s a process of letting images come through me or to me, then inform me; and that is the magic.  MY Images are powerful ways to communicate from and to myself.  They come out of and go into the soul in ways that words or prescribed images can’t.”–Sarah G.

Adult Participants- limit 8

To Request a Course for Children, Teens or Home School,
Please Contact Pamela

Virtual Circles in Live Group – 3 Hours for 12 Weeks with independent daily journal tending.
(Time Zone indicated is Central Time)

FYI:  This course also serves as pre-requisite for Pamela Underwood Studios
Expressive Arts Facilitator Training.

Have you been longing to experience Image Quest Sojourn’s transformational process with Pamela, but live too far away from the studio to attend?
Now you can!

This online course has been designed especially for you.  You will be making art in your own home/office/studio while sharing with Pamela and your online community weekly.


Create a personal Image Quest resource journal bursting with color & texture!
25+ visual arts techniques & expressive arts experiences included
25+ instructional videos included
Develop a daily art habit
Create an Image Council Card© deck from your personal images
Express through art modalities of poetry, movement, visual art & sound
Learn The Safe Container©; EXA Feedback Methods, which apply to art & life
Write your journal’s story and see how this informs your life
RE-STORY your life narrative

(Downloadable PDFs available)

You’ll work through 12 lessons that include step-by-step art techniques, inspiring and instructional videos , slide shows, discussion posts, and sharing of each other’s work. 

To fully participate in group and to have a satisfying experience online, it is necessary to have internet access and a device larger than a phone such as a laptop, desktop or tablet.

What to expect during our 3 hour group:

  • Create safe space with our circle
  • Personal Check In Round
  • Share Journals and weekly fieldwork
  • Demonstration of new Technique
  • Hands on techniques and Expressive arts experiences
  • Review new fieldwork
  • Group Check out round

Enrollment is limited to ensure personal attention, a safe container in which to speak our truth, share our journals, and the exciting cross pollination of ideas.


Image Quest Sojourn Online: $595


CHECK:  To pay by CHECK, email to request an invoice and mailing address.

VENMO:  To pay through VENMO, download the app and search for @PamelaYUnderwood

PAYPAL:  To pay through Paypal, search for and click the “friends and family” button to use your credit card for free!

August 26 – November 11, 2020 / Wednesdays
4:00pm-7:00pm PST
6:00pm-9:00pm CST
7:00pm-10:00pm EST


You will receive your supply list once you have registered.

You will be invited to enter the classroom prior to the start date to familiarize yourself with the classroom.  

Once we begin, you will have unlimited access to all materials as they are released, for the lifetime of the course platform.





Image Quest Sojourn is a unique process, masterfully developed by Pamela Underwood.
Pamela’s lessons develop ways to play safely with images, paint, words, texture while exploring complex issues such as past, present, future of self and community. For me, I found images came to me or through me, then informed me in ways that words or prescribed art could not.  And that is the magic.  The unveiling was soft edged until our final lessons when the images as a whole told their story.  They revealed deep past influences and strong current supports that positively impact my personal story.  Thank you, Pamela!
— Sarah G
I came into this course because I have worked with Pamela before and love her process.
I’m so glad that I did this at this time…it really helped me to process my
mother’s passing to the other side.  I loved honoring her in my own way,
it was meaningful and dear to my heart. I completed this course realizing that it will continue to be a process for me… it’s really broadened my art and my life and I have been very shocked to see what I’m capable of doing. I look at the world in a more artful way now. I’m forever grateful for that and look forward to more journeys with Pamela.
–June W
I was so excited to hear Pamela was offering a new online experience. I was skeptical of this new format at first, but love the exercises so much I figured I would give it a try. One of the best things about IQS is the art habit that forms in my daily life. Just doing a little everyday or more if I have time is perfect for my schedule. I also find sharing my art and images with the group deeply satisfying and I love seeing other’s art as well. I notice by the end of the 12 sessions I feel like our group is more like a family or community of artist. Pamela Underwood is truly a master of Expressive Art and Muse for her participants. I will probably participate in her offerings for the rest of my life.
–B. Swaim
August 26 2020


Start: August 26
End: November 11
Cost: $595
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  • August 26, 2020 - November 11, 2020
  • January 20, 2021 - April 7, 2021