Part One Living With Images As Companions; Visual Journaling

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Part One Living With Images As Companions; Visual Journaling



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Part One is open to new participants and past “Image Quest Sojourn” and “Living with Images…” participants

Part Two’s pre requisite is to have taken either “Image Quest Sojourn” or “Living with Images as Companions”

Body Centered/Art Based Expressive Arts
Visual Journaling For Personal Transformation

No Art Experience Necessary!

Would making art that explores feelings around personal challenges or the current political, racial and health crises in our world be helpful?

“Living with Images As Companions”  creates a safe container to support you in processing  personal truth as well as world events.

We will make art in the privacy of our own homes/offices/studios while meeting in circle with our online art community every other week.  Over a three month period we will have six 2.5 hour, real time “sacred circle” group sessions establishing safe space to make art, share, and tell our truth -without trying to ‘fix’ one another.

During these challenging times this visual journal is your “psyche’s playground” without censor or judgement.  Together we practice play, letting go of perfection, and finding ease in the necessary chaos of the creative process and our world.

We gather past present and future  images that elicit a body sensation, both nurturing and disturbing.  We allow time for color, images, texture and words to steep in the rich soup of the journal’s pages.  We step back as the pages begin to self organize,  informing and changing our relationship to them.

My Promise to You

  • During this twelve week period a new relationship with your sensing body will be honed.
  • With daily journal tending you will be witness to this random, sometimes chaotic process.
  • You will be a witness as your journal begins to self organize, revealing new insights.
  • You will learn exciting visual art techniques
  • You will gain expressive arts tools to access truth and direction in your life.
  • You will learn new ways to communicate.
  • You will forever belong to your art making tribe!


Part One Topics Include
Creating Safe Containers
Expressive Arts Feedback Methods
Tapping The Collective Consciousness
What’s In Your Bones?
Artistic Inquiry
Calling In Your Image Council

Part One Art Techniques Include
Intuitive Collage™
Drawing As Exploration
Primal Imaging
Catching Shadows
Carving a Personal Print Block
Subtraction As Technique

Enrollment is limited to 5-8 participants to ensure everyone’s voice is heard and create a safe container to practice vulnerability, share our journals, and benefit from the exciting cross pollination of ideas.

January 16 – March 27, 2021 (+pencil in April 3  for a make up day in case my internet fails)


11am-1:30pm CST

Not sure what time or day our Virtual Circle will be for you? Simply use the time converter link here:

6 Virtual Circles – 2.5 Hours  Every Other Week (over a period of 12 weeks)

(Time Zone indicated is Central Time)

$295Non Refundable two weeks prior to start date


Please email Pamela to be added to the Waiting List.  Thanks!


Registration Closes January 10, 2021


To fully participate in group and have a satisfying experience online, it is necessary to have

  • Privacy for sharing art, making sound, and movement
  • Internet access
  • A device larger than a phone such as a laptop, desktop or tablet.


  • Opening:  Create safe space and community with our circle
  • Personal Check In Rounds
  • Share visual journals and fieldwork in group and subgroups
  • Demonstration of new techniques & then making art together
  • Explore art that emerges through the Expressive Arts of
    music, movement, poetry and visual arts.
  • Closing:  Group Check Out Round
    *Virtual Circles will be recorded as a resource for review


  • Daily Journal Tending (15+ minutes of working in your journal each day)
  • Fieldwork lessons to complete on your own, during Journal Tending
  • Videos of Techniques and Videos for Inspiration
  • Group posts of your pages as they develop and posts for discussion/questions
  • Downloadable PDF Files


  • You will receive your supply list after registration.
  • Gather supplies needed, prior to our start date.
  • Enter the classroom prior (link provided upon registration) to the start date to access the introduction and  familiarize yourself with the classroom.
  • Once we begin, you will have unlimited access to all materials for the lifetime of the course platform.

Part Two
Pre requisite: Image Quest Sojourn or

Living with Images as Companions Part One

This course is offered as continued support in the development of journal spreads and going deeper into the layering process.

Allowing more time for your images to self organize brings further insight and the opportunity for charged images to integrate in a new way or become neutralized.  During Part Two techniques include Oil of Wintergreen transfers, making Image Council Cards and serving as the scribe for the journal’s story.

What People Are Saying About Living With Images As Companions Part One

  • Practicing Pamela Underwood’s  Safe Container Feedback Method is so important to feel seen and heard. JM
  • Getting the gift of feedback from my group was reassuring and validating.
    It helped me to understand my journal pages in a new way. MG
  • Working with my journal pages on a regular basis shifted from simply collage and painting to inward listening. LT
  • As my pages began to build, I found myself rethinking my past but also laughing and feeling joy. VC
  • I found your class to be so supportive and I was nurtured by your presence, the circle of women and the material.
    It was a fun and reflective process full of potent energy. I look forward to more work with you in the future.  JH

January 16 2021


Start: January 16
End: March 27
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