Studio Offerings

Since 1994, Pamela Underwood Studios  have been dedicated to self exploration through visual art, movement, sound, journaling, and poetry, all in the spirit of sacred play.  Through learning to accept ourselves, our art and others, we learn to move through life filled with curiosity, wonder, compassion and resilience.

Private Expressive Art Sessions

In gentle but powerful ways, Expressive Arts serves those facing a challenge in their life as well serving those who long to discover a way to live a fuller, more resilient life.
Example: Private Client Expressive Arts Session
A typical Expressive Arts session lasts 1- 1½ hours and includes two or more of the following arts; visual art, movement, sound or poetry. The client enters the session ready to explore an issue or concern in their life that is calling for attention.

The Image Quest Sojourn – Monthly Women’s Group

This course is designed to restore the participant’s relationship with their imaginal realm and consciously bring images forth as helpers into the realm of everyday

Approved Expressive Arts Group Facilitators

These individuals have successfully completed Pamela Underwood’s Group Facilitator Training. Contact them for current offerings.

Bodywriting ® Retreats for Women

Bodywriting™ Retreats have served hundreds of women from across the United States. Many whom have participated in Bodywriting™ do not consider themselves “artists.” They have come to stretch their boundaries, take a risk, explore new possibilities, mark a passage, to be immersed in the necessary chaos of art-making… but in the end they all learn about themselves and their relationship with their bodies