Season’s Greetings; My Gift to YOU

Season’s Greetings; My Gift to YOU


“Your Child Self in conversation with your Adult Self “

This is a timeless way to allow the wisdom of your child and the wisdom of your adult to show up in the here and now.  After all, they both are present always.

To Begin
Make a copy of two different photos.
One photo is of you as a little child, the other is of you in the present.
Enlarge or reduce them so that they are near the same scale in size.
By cutting them out and overlapping, begin to arrange them on a journal page, in relationship to one another, as if they were in conversation.
Add them to your journal page.  You may simply tape them, glue them or make a transfer.

Set the timer for 10 minutes.
Write a dialog between your child self and your adult self using the names that you were called when you were little and the name you are called as an adult.  Or, simply use “Child Self and Adult Self.”
Begin the dialog with one or the other and then have them take turns talking and listening to one another.

When the 10 minutes is up, explore sounds that would be a good fit to give each one a voice.
This could be a glass or a sauce pan tapped with a wooden spoon,
It could be a wine glass, the rim dampened with water, ringing the rim with your finger.

It could be instruments that you have available or the simply the sound of your own voice.

Integration Ritual

  • Make/play the sound of the child then  make/play the sound of the adult to begin.

  • With the journal page open in front of you begin to read the dialog aloud.

  • Notice any thoughts, feelings or body sensations that surface.

  • Close by making/playing the two sounds again.

Write about how it felt to approach your self in this timeless way.

 Have a safe and satisfying Holiday Season!



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