THE ART HABIT; Family Mandala


What is a Mandala?

A mandala is often a symbol that is utilized to help people focus in on meditation and achieve a sense of oneness with the universe, or in this case with one’s family or household.


  • Unbreakable dinner plate or big plastic bowl- something big and circular
  • Markers or colored pencils
  • Paint; watercolors, acrylic or tempra


Visual Journaling Prompt

  • Tracing the plate or bowl, draw a circle as big as your 2 page spread.
  • With marker, color pencil or paint put everyone in your family or household (including pets) inside the circle with an image that represents them and a doodle that expresses their personality. You can add their name too. You might space them evenly around the circle.
  • Fill up the circle by repeating the images/doodles and names. Don’t worry if they overlap. Our lives naturally overlap one another anyway.
  • Paint around the outside of the circle with a color turning the circle into a safe container.
  • Write about any insight, thoughts or feelings that came while doing this project.

    This is your Family Mandala.

Optional: Share your thoughts, feelings or body sensations that were activated with those in your household.
Optional: Take a picture for your record.