THE ART HABIT; Honoring Mother Nature

During this time of COVID-19 we know that we can feel safe in nature as long as we keep a safe distance between other people, besides our family. The air and water are cleaner than ever since the world is sheltering in place and taking a break from driving cars. Many factories are temporarily shutting down and sending workers home.

This is all good for Mother Nature!

Take a walk outside with a sack and scissors to collect your materials; rocks, leaves, moss, lichen, flowers, sticks, wild gourds, pine cones, seed pods, bark of a tree, feathers, water and dirt of many colors. We are building a sculpture to honor mother nature.

Warning:  Avoid Poison Oak and Poison Ivy
Watch for Snakes

  • As you walk, notice the air on your skin, is it cool? warm?  moist?
  • Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths.
  • Notice the scent in the air.
  • Notice how you feel.
  •  Notice the color of the sky.
  • Notice the light on the leaves as they dance in the breeze.
  • When you stroke the leaves of plants, does one have a stronger scent than the other?  
  • Gather some leaves and pods that have distinct scents.
  • Choose nature objects with varying textures. 
  • Choose limbs to give your sculpture height.


Find a place to build your sculpture outside or inside

Walk around your yard and find a good spot to begin

  • On a porch
  • In a flower bed
  • On a rock wall

Find a scarf or fabric to use as a base for your sculpture

  • Place on a table
  • In a corner on the floor
  • On the fireplace hearth
  • In your room

Spread out your collected objects and notice which objects hold your attention the most.  Save these for the focal point, maybe to add at the end. 

  • Begin to play with your collection.
  • Arrange them.
  • Balance them.
  • Go back out and find more leaves or sticks if you need them.
  • Put any flowers in water.
  • Rearrange them.
  • Decide where your focal point will be placed.
  • Until it feels satisfying.

If your sculpture had a sound what would that be?  Would it be a drum beat?  A bell? A sound you can make with your own voice? A song? Find a way to give it a sound.

Open your journal and draw your nature sculpture filling a random page. 

Optional: Share with others in your family
Optional: Take a picture for your records