THE ART HABIT; The Initiation

FYI:  Allow at least 30 minutes for this activity

Why Do We “Initiate” Our Pages?

Primal Marks, Riding the Breath, Washes of Color

Now that your journal has the intuitive collage on the outside, we are ready to work with the journal pages inside. We will explore the texture of every page and how they respond to various art materials.  You will begin to get a feel for the surface to be covered by adding marks and washes of transparent color to each and every open spread in 20 second intervals!

Anointing your book with marks and transparent color is a bold committment to your entire journal. You will not only be adding line and transparent color, you will be adding your energy,  your expression, your mark and enlivening each page.

This act sets a physical intention signaling, even to the shyest of  images, that you are willing to be vulnerable, take risks and invite them in.

You may feel anxious at first – “Oh, I don’t want to ruin my brand new journal!” or “It will just look like a big mess!”

However, this journal is not meant to be precious, it is meant to be activated!

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Any marking tools;  oil pastel, colored pencils, pencils, pens
3- quart buckets of watered down acrylic paint
3- 2″-3″ House Paint brushes
Wax paper, Bubble Wrap, plastic bags, onion bag netting
Cord or string to tie the book up when you are finished
1 plastic bag that your journal will fit inside of.


Protect your table, this can get messy, but its fun!
Mix up three  1 quart buckets of “wash”.
“Wash”= your favorite colors of acrylic paint
(1/4 paint to 3/4 water/ very light)
Have a house paint brush for each color
Have various marking tools on the table with in reach
Have LOTS of bubble wrap, plastic bags, wax paper in a box at your feet
To be sure to get the texture we are going for you need to paint your pages with a watery surface rather than a dry brush surface.

Tie the dripping journal up with cord, place it in a plastic bag and let it sit for a couple of hours.
Then, carefully open it up and lift the plastic spacer papers then place them back down.  This avoids too much sticking and tearing of the pages.  Some pages will stick/tear and that is ok.
Without binding the journal again, let it sit overnight with spacer papers still in place.

Wake up the next morning to a BIG SURPRISE!

Notice the incredible texture that you have made!

See it if is dry, if so, take the spacers out.

 If not, set it outside in the sunshine to complete drying.

When its dry choose a page and write what you have found.
How did  you feel while you were doing The Initiation?
How does it make you feel now?

Circle the nouns, descriptive words and verbs then write them down in the spirit of a poem.
Read it aloud  in the spirit of a poem.