A Beautiful Summer Evening at the Labyrinth Walk

A Beautiful Summer Evening at the Labyrinth Walk

Peace and serenity is often difficult to find when living in a major metropolis, but in the mountains of Poway, CA, one such place exists.

Under the setting sun of the Summer Solstice, twelve beautiful women entered the Labyrinth at Pena Rosa. With the primal beat of drums and dulcet tones of a wooden flute floating in the air, we walked with bare feet, danced in harmony, and absorbed the elegance of nature. Each of us entered the maze with our hearts attuned to our special intentions, both personal and global.

After completing the Labyrinth, gathered in the studio as a community of women, we created a group poem based on our individual responses to our experience within the Labyrinth. It’s amazing how a single phrase collected by each individual within a group can be pulled together to illuminate such a profound, yet simple moment.



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