Alchemy of Bodywriting Retreats for Women

Alchemy of Bodywriting Retreats for Women

Next Bodywriting:  October 26-30, 2103,       Taos,  New Mexico

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“You must be willing to enter into the unconventionality of it, to set ego aside, to become a beginner and set out to explore the last frontier of your inner landscape through the transformative process of the arts.”  Pamela Underwood

We come to Bodywriting to make beautiful/truthful art that isn’t always pretty.   We come to  this safe space to step out of what is familiar, ready to take risks, so that  growth can happen.

We come for transformation and the alchemy begins.

We start small. The fast pace of the Intuitive Collage requires relinquishing control, the gift being insight and new information.

Paint is applied to the nude printer’s body.

The rite of passage begins.  The paint becomes the body’s mask which offers the printer a new perception of the same body.  When the body printer lifts her painted body from the wet canvas the  image arrives as a separate entity.  This new image is from the artist but is NOT the artist.

This is only the beginning.

Pamela guides participants in responding to the mystery, approaching the image with respect and curiosity, introducing exciting techniques to try and asking the image “What do you from me need next?”

Body prints are human scale.  They meet us on neutral ground with only the veil of imagination between.  To work with them is to engage them; we dialog with them, we give them a voice with rhythm, we respond to them in the language of movement and so we are able to know what to do next.

As the body print evolves into it’s full expression, a relationship is built and a companion is born. Together the artist and the companion begin to weave a dance of intimacy in the imaginal space in-between.

This is a New Beginning.

Join us in Taos New Mexico for the next Bodywriting Retreat for Women!



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