An artist’s story – Pamela Underwood


An artist’s story – Pamela Underwood

Pamela Underwood of Pamela Underwood Studios is an artist, facilitator, director, spiritual guide, friend, and more than anything, experienced.

She is experienced in the process of discovering a personal feeling, drawing it out into the conscious thought, exploring it, and then transforming it into art. She discovered the power of Expressive Arts through her own experiences and journeys. Now, she teaches, guides, and helps others along to finding the artists within her scenic and serene studios located in San Diego, California and Taos, New Mexico.

Pamela has been a professional visual artist for the past 30 years, a group and a retreat facilitator since 1994, and an Expressive Arts Therapist since 2003.

After earning her BFA in art, Underwood spent three years at the Expressive Arts Institute of San Diego and three summers at the European Graduate School in Saas Fee, Switzerland, earning her master’s degree in Expressive Arts Therapy with a minor in psychology.

Pamela is a pioneer in expressive art work with ‘body image.’ She founded the unconventional Bodywriting® Retreats for Women in 1994. These retreats focus engaging one’s sensing body as its primal creative partner and  connects with the body print that arrives on the canvas. They also provoke a personal response through movement, writing, sound and unconventional visual art techniques.

Her teaching engages a paradigm shift based on the idea that humans live with personal images – from our past, present and future – as companions that inform our lives, for better or for worse.

Pamela is a pioneer in constantly evolving artistic endeavors. She is an educated, wise, and creative artist that creates peaceful, freeing atmospheres for all that come to her.


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