Anecdote of an isolated loss

Anecdote of an isolated loss

Some losses from our fires have been brought to my attention on a ”need to know” basis only.

A small yet profound example of how this shows up in my life came just the other day. My sister called from Texas with this thoughtful idea, “While we are visiting, let’s all make Grandma Meme’s famous Santa Claus cookies”. I had forgotten that the fire took also took this rual. As I sat on the studio stairs listening, a teary nostalgia was activated in my body, then the familiar pangs; sadness for the loss of yet another family recipe, guilt over the loss of the deep red, worn cookie cutters and thanks for the ritual that had supported our family for many years. The sweet part is that Meme’s Santa Claus Cookie story still lives in so many hearts.

This is October, the season for “high fire alert” in Southern California. So, we keep our senses in ”high sensitivity” mode. It’s a good practice for every season.

But, most of all it is the season for gathering our resources for the winter and to harvest seeds we have sown. It is the season to remember and honor those loved ones or things that are lost, stolen or missing.

Fall beckons us to take the time to notice and acknowledge the blessings and challenges in our lives. Only then will we truly be ready to go into the rich darkness of winter season.

Deep Blessings,


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