Announcing our Mentor Program

Announcing our Mentor Program

Announcing Pamela Underwood Studios’ Mentor Program

“I’ll tell you what I plan to do with my one wild and precious life. The time has come to fully surrender to the cloak of MENTOR that has been slowly weaving itself around me for over 60 years.  Although I have taught expressive arts facilitator training before, this is very different for me. This mentor training is about sharing my life’s work with YOU, “Image Quest Sojourn” – Pamela Underwood

Image Quest Sojourn Group Facilitator Training:

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What is the Image Quest Sojourn Course?

The expressive arts “Image Quest Sojourn” is soon to spread its wings and soar out into the wider world.

Will YOU be one of the leaders who takes Image Quest Sojourn to the next step?

If you decide you want to apply for this journey with me, you have my promise that, if accepted, you will become rooted in the basics of expressive arts, techniques and the creation of safe space.

This mentor program will prepare you to take expressive arts into your existing practice, create your own expressive arts classes, become an Image Quest Sojourn Facilitator, experience a deeply personal journey of enlightenment and clarity and develop a sense of belonging in a new world.

What I am promising you feels reminiscent of what my painting, the “Maiden of Fire,” promised me: “If you will just step into the ‘Boat of Making,’ I will take you effortlessly to the other side of who you truly are.” And she did.

And I will.

As the founder and facilitator of Image Quest Sojourn, I have felt a deep satisfaction in supporting and witnessing participants’ shifts, insights and realignment with their world through this uniquely mindful approach to visual journaling.

This is what I wish for you as an expressive arts facilitator. Think of your acquaintances, your organizations and your circles of friends/family and how they would benefit from you offering this work in your community.

It’s as simple and as powerful as ripples in a pond. You just have to say, “YES to TRUST” and jump into the unknown, buoyant waters of life. What else is there?

Please look over the Facilitator Training Course Description and let me know if you have any questions.

The dates are approximately every other month from Feb 2017-March 2018.

This extended period is designed not only to accommodate our “Out of Town Participants,” but also to give all participants time for integration, experience and fieldwork.

If you feel the YES stirring in your body, I want this to be attainable for you.

I have priced this training accordingly.  When you come to the price/investment , if it is a big stretch for you , we can discuss a payment plan (with fee added).

The time has come in your ‘one wild and precious life’ for you to ask yourself, “How can I imagine my life if I say ‘YES!’ to this expressive arts Image Quest Sojourn Facilitator Training?!”

“How can I imagine my life, if I say ‘No’? ”

Now notice, which of these answers holds a body sensation that rings “true” for you?

Love and Life,



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