Art Center of Ramona may be best visit of your year

Art Center of Ramona may be best visit of your year

Located at 438 Main Street, Ramona, CA, 92065, the Art Center of Ramona is known as an inclusive community art space. Pamela and other artists, including Patricia Kelly, Susan Bainbridge, Lark Burkhart, Helen Wilson, and Tracy Potter, focus on teaching and communicating art as a process. That process is the act of opening the Art Center up to its local community of artists, giving them the ability to understand, discuss, and walk through various arts with others in a calming, serene atmosphere.

Pamela adds to the artistic togetherness by combining her take on Expressive Arts with Traditional and Conceptual Arts. The artists at The Art Center of Ramona create an atmosphere that is intelligent, educational, and welcoming. The Center is a professional place where local artists, visiting artists, emerging artists, and established artists mingle.

Pamela and the other artists’ goal is the building of an artistic community through socialization, which removes the often isolating effect of working as an artist in a rural area. Imagine a large space for artists to work, classes to be taught, exhibitions and art talks to be held. The Art Center has an open and peaceful atmosphere where deep conversations about art as a verb are discussed. It is a place where you don’t just walk through and look, but you relax and process what has been seen and made, a place where you can come away with more of an understanding and appreciation of all art.

Visiting the Art Center of Ramona gives you a chance to not only observe and think about beautiful and unique concepts and visuals, but gives you an opportunity to socialize with like-minded people who also appreciate art like you do. Visiting here may be one of the most memorable parts of your year.


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