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pillowcase project jan phillips

In these uncertain times, Jan Phillips brings us the Pillowcase Project

Almost anything can be a canvas, if you want it to be. In the past, Pamela has asked her participants to write an intention on a pillowcas, then add color and images to support this intention.   They sleep and dream on their “pillowcase of  intention”.  In the morning they are asked to take up their […]

The power of fire – inspiration rises from ashes

Have you ever burnt yourself on a flame? Have you ever followed a forest fire on the local news? Or watched a home crumble ablaze on live TV? Have you been on the news, because that was your home on fire? Recovering from losing your home and belongings from an uncontrollable fire is never a formula […]

See What People Say About Expressive Arts

Pamela found the deepest parts of her spirit within the practices of expressive arts. Her experience was so helpful, so powerful, and so life-changing, that she devoted her life to guiding others through life-changing journeys as powerful as hers. Pamela Underwood Studios has different, multiple expressive arts events that fit almost any time schedule, lifestyle, […]

colors used in expressive arts

The power of colors in expressive arts

Colors make things exciting. Colors make things different. Colors make something bland beautiful. Colors also bring something out of us. They draw emotion, feelings, and memories containing that particular color, or set of colors. At Pamela Underwood Studios, no color is ignored or forgotten about; each color is important in the painting of one’s expressive […]


An artist’s story – Pamela Underwood

Pamela Underwood of Pamela Underwood Studios is an artist, facilitator, director, spiritual guide, friend, and more than anything, experienced. She is experienced in the process of discovering a personal feeling, drawing it out into the conscious thought, exploring it, and then transforming it into art. She discovered the power of Expressive Arts through her own […]

mabel dodge luhan house pamela underwood studios

What lies in Taos, New Mexico

Besides historical pueblos surrounded by stunning mountains that reflect sunsets on to the town and art that fills the area, Taos, New Mexico also holds a specific art studio that offers the uniqueness of Expressive Arts. The Mabel Dodge Luhan House, located in Taos, New Mexico, is a historical inn and conference center located near the […]

Expressive Arts may be the therapy you need

Expressive Arts is a deeply spiritual, beautiful art form. What makes it so unique from other arts is that the creation of the art itself is done using personal experience, feelings, thoughts, behaviors, and senses. More than just an art form, Expressive Arts involves catharsis, or a person’s release of inner emotions. This means that […]

Your guide to personal transformation – Image Quest Sojourn

After 12 successful and inspiring years of hosting Image Quests, Pamela Underwood is helping guide the soul yet again with her upcoming course: Image Quest Sojourn 2017. It is a six month process that will be between January 31, 2017 and June 20, 2017. Meeting twice a month will bring participants enlightenment and catharsis. It […]

Art Center of Ramona may be best visit of your year

Located at 438 Main Street, Ramona, CA, 92065, the Art Center of Ramona is known as an inclusive community art space. Pamela and other artists, including Patricia Kelly, Susan Bainbridge, Lark Burkhart, Helen Wilson, and Tracy Potter, focus on teaching and communicating art as a process. That process is the act of opening the Art Center […]