Beautiful Spring Labyrinth Walk- it was free!

Beautiful Spring Labyrinth Walk- it was free!

Summer Solstice 2011We had 18 participants for our Spring Labyrinth Walk!  It was great because 14 of those people had never been to the studio before and most had never walked a labyrinth.   It was a beautiful evening.  We shared our intention for the coming season, spoke it into the labyrinth before walking.  Then we all went into the studio to write, make art and create a group poem to seal in our intentions, both personally and globally.

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                                               Spring; a group poem

Spring Labyrinth Artby our 2013 Labyrinth Walkers


Spring is the time of rebirth of the world that

Brings the fruits of summer filling my senses

With evening air, birds’ gentle songs.

Nature leads us forward, 

There is comfort in walking on “Mother Earth”.

The faces of the ancestors show up in nature. 

All of the world is sacred space.

Joyous  Abundance  Wonderful

The hummingbird whooshed overhead 

wings fluttering and dropped seeds of sunshine like love.

Emmy was so good.

The one who brings regrowth , 

Breathing new life with the turn of last year’s leaf with love.

The hummingbird has new drink by the drum of soulful music

Feeling and finding through creativity. 

Life long happiness, for all the family, peace.  

Changes for all in life, instinctual direction with a sense of peace.

The flutter of wings to free the sole (soul).

I feel peace in my world following trees round and round.

Smooth moon peeking and playing through scruffy thin branches,

Smiling and crying at once.

Forward, moving towards remembering twinkling moonshine,

I have a new sense of balance 

And lets not forget…

“Don’t fear the reaper”




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