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Season’s Greetings; My Gift to YOU

  A JOURNAL PAGE “Your Child Self in conversation with your Adult Self “ This is a timeless way to allow the wisdom of your child and the wisdom of your adult to show up in the here and now.  After all, they both are present always. To Begin Make a copy of two different […]

bodywriting retreat for women pamela underwood studios

Limited availability: Bodywriting Retreat for Women

Clear your schedule–there’s 1 spot left for our annual Bodywriting Retreat for Women, with your name on it.  The retreat begins Wednesday, June 7 and ends Sunday, June 11, 2017. This retreat for women will take place at my home/studio in Poway, CA, only 35 minutes from San Diego. Here’s what you can expect from this expressive […]

expressive arts studio san diego area

Three reasons why you should visit the Expressive Arts studio in San Diego

You’re planning a San Diego trip soon, wanting a memorable experience to take home, so why not visit the Pamela Underwood Expressive Arts Studio in Poway, California? Of course there are the beaches, the San Diego Zoo, the Gaslamp Quarter, and more, but there is also a place where you can create your own art through […]

artists' revival retreat taos new mexico pamela underwood studios

Artists’ Revival Retreat: Reconnect, Refuel, and Revive

In Taos, New Mexico, the Artists’ Revival Retreat will take place at the Mabel Dodge Luhan House, hosted by Pamela Underwood and Helen Wilson. Experience a spiritual realignment unlike any other at this retreat, where your surroundings, fellow artists, and complete tranquility will only aid in your soulful experience. With last year’s Artists’ revival exhibit being a […]

bodywriting retreat for women pamela underwood studios

Strength in Numbers: a Retreat for Women

The more people that come together, the stronger the bonds between those people. In a recent Exhibit from the Bodywriting Retreat for Women, insightful females came together to admire detailed, intimate art from Pamela Underwood Studios’ Bodywriters. These Bodywriters shared their experiences through the paintings on display, each as intricate and telling as a personal biography. And […]

The Imprint of Women: we are powerful!

Pamela Underwood Studios will be hosting the upcoming event, “The Imprint of Women“.  The Imprint of Women will take place April 29, 2017 at Expressive Arts@32nd and Thorn. This event features previous Bodywriters and their art work, with their personal readings that tie thoughts to what they have created during the Bodywriting Retreat for Women. This […]

Bodywriting®: Body prints that go beyond physical shape

Pamela Underwood brings women together. Moreover, she brings them together by guiding retreat participants through the process of listening to their inner selves, processing what they are hearing, and then reflecting that inner self onto a canvas. She does this through a process called Bodywriting®. As the founder of Bodywriting Retreats for Women in 1994, […]

poway, california natural beauty

Poway, CA: city of natural beauty and art

Tucked away in San Diego County is the city of Poway, CA. It is a gem that holds Pamela Underwood Studios and more. Poway’s natural beauty is second to none. While typical visitors keep their eyes focused on the city of San Diego, Poway gleams with the forgotten natural beauty that so much of Southern […]

art center of ramona

Ultimate combination: beautiful artwork and free snacks

The Art Center of Ramona will be hosting a community event for those who appreciate in-depth art pieces and thrive on creativity, Friday, February 17. If you are searching for inspiration at the end of your week, simply stroll into  The Artists’Revival Retreat for Women Exhibit.  This completely free event is at The Art Center […]

3 Instructors-3 Printmaking Techniques, The Art Center Ramona

The Art Center Ramona is an exciting addition to the arts in North East county. I am an instructor there as well as on the Board of this exciting non profit. Join us for some printmaking fun! Three Part Printmaking Series Feb 13: Gelli Plate Printmaking with Susan Bainbridge 5-8 March 13: Soft Cut Lino […]

Nasty Women Exhibition Update: Closing Reception TONIGHT

The San Diego Nasty Women Art Exhibition is in full swing now. Join us in celebrating!    Closing Reception 6PM-9PM Helmuth Projects 1827 5th Avenue, San Diego. Pamela Underwood’s multi-dimensional piece, “Reliquary to Mother Love”,  along with other artists’ visuals regarding the Nasty Women project, will be shown. There are a few new and a few […]

Only Nasty Women Invited to this Art Exhibit

There is a movement taking place about all the Nasty Women out there. Part of Helmuth Projects, The Nasty Women Art Exhibition will be taking place from January 21 to January 28, 2017 in San Diego. It all sparked from the infamous phrase “such a nasty woman”, spoken by Donald Trump to Hillary Clinton in […]

pillowcase project jan phillips

In these uncertain times, Jan Phillips brings us the Pillowcase Project

Almost anything can be a canvas, if you want it to be. In the past, Pamela has asked her participants to write an intention on a pillowcas, then add color and images to support this intention.   They sleep and dream on their “pillowcase of  intention”.  In the morning they are asked to take up their […]

The power of fire – inspiration rises from ashes

Have you ever burnt yourself on a flame? Have you ever followed a forest fire on the local news? Or watched a home crumble ablaze on live TV? Have you been on the news, because that was your home on fire? Recovering from losing your home and belongings from an uncontrollable fire is never a formula […]

See What People Say About Expressive Arts

Pamela found the deepest parts of her spirit within the practices of expressive arts. Her experience was so helpful, so powerful, and so life-changing, that she devoted her life to guiding others through life-changing journeys as powerful as hers. Pamela Underwood Studios has different, multiple expressive arts events that fit almost any time schedule, lifestyle, […]

2017 Calendar

2017-2018 CALENDAR 2017 January 14-15 Beyond Bodywriting            January 31-June 20 Image Quest Sojourn Course   February 17 Exhibit; Artists’ Revival Retreat Participants April 29 Exhibit; Bodywriting Retreat Participants The Imprint of Women June 6-June 11 BODYWRITING RETREAT FOR WOMEN             July 5-July 12 ARTISTS’ REVIVAL […]

colors used in expressive arts

The power of colors in expressive arts

Colors make things exciting. Colors make things different. Colors make something bland beautiful. Colors also bring something out of us. They draw emotion, feelings, and memories containing that particular color, or set of colors. At Pamela Underwood Studios, no color is ignored or forgotten about; each color is important in the painting of one’s expressive […]

NEXT “Beyond Bodywriting” and 2017 NEXT Bodywriting Exhibit

We had a great 2 day retreat with your Bodywriting Tribe…and we are doing it again! Event: NEXT  “Beyond Bodywriting” Pre requisite: Past Bodywriter Date: January 21-22, 2017 Click Here to get more information This event will be followed by another Bodywriting event. The date is still being determined. Event: NEXT Bodywriting Exhibit: “The Imprint of Women” […]


An artist’s story – Pamela Underwood

Pamela Underwood of Pamela Underwood Studios is an artist, facilitator, director, spiritual guide, friend, and more than anything, experienced. She is experienced in the process of discovering a personal feeling, drawing it out into the conscious thought, exploring it, and then transforming it into art. She discovered the power of Expressive Arts through her own […]