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Coming this October: Beyond Bodywriting

On October 22 through to the 23, a beautiful retreat will take place for all past Bodywriters in Pamela Underwood’s San Diego studio. Join Pamela and past Bodywriters, immersed in the studio, to complete your body print and get it ready to hang in your home or for our next exhibit “The Imprint of Women” […]

NEW COURSE: The Artist’s Way Through Expressive Arts

This course is based on Julia Cameron’s block buster book The Artist’s Way; a spiritual path to higher creativity, but takes it further, into art making, into our body, to seal in the work we do on a cellular level. Integrating the power of group visual art making, sound, poetry and movement with the readings […]

Announcing our Expressive Arts Mentor Program

Pamela Underwood Studios’ Mentor Program “I’ll tell you what I plan to do with my one wild and precious life. I plan to share my life’s work with you.” Pamela Underwood Facilitator Training based on “Image Quest Sojourn”: Read more about the Facilitator Training or Apply, Click Here… What is the Image Quest Sojourn Course? […]

Megan’s Bodywriting Transformation

The Conclusion of Megan’s Bodywriting: A Story of Transformation "I LOVE BODYWRITING!"   Megan came to a satisfying stopping point, feeling like she had pushed through to the next step of who she is as an artist NOW! Post Bodywriting: In comparison to Megan's first Bodywriting Retreat Megan~ I didn't expect to still have the [...]

Part Three of Megan’s Bodywriting Transformation

Pamela ~ Megan had taken her painting off of the wall and laid it on the studio floor.  She was having a hard time knowing what to do next. To avoid frustration with her painting process, Megan began to respond to her painting with Expressive Arts movement. She began with slow, low, contracted movement followed […]

Part Two Megan’s Bodywriting: A Story of Transformation

Megan on her story of transformation ~ “Bodywriting allows us to witness each other deeply , and be seen, no matter where we each are on our own journey.  There is a collective joy experienced that is greater than the individual’s joy when we share in each other’s transformational growth.” High Five! Megan assists her […]

Part ONE Megan’s Bodywriting: A Story of Transformation

November 2014 Thanks to Megan for sharing her intimate Bodywriting Story with us! This was Megan’s 2nd “Bodywriting® Retreat for Women.” Her first was in 2012. Megan Megan~ “I LOVE BODYWRITING!’ “Bodywriting has absolutely changed my life for the better. Somehow, it has helped me make better choices for myself across all areas of my life.  I […]

Image Quest Sojourn Presentations

  It is wonderful to work together for a full year on our Image Quest© journals.  We have the time to get to know one another through expressive arts and our association with the images that we work with. Toward the end of the group, we begin identifying the images that we are drawn to the most […]


Sweet Good-Bye to “LavenderSage” and Hello to …..

The studio has an exciting 2015 in store for you!  This month is the 20 Year Anniversary of Pamela Underwood Studios AND Bodywriting Retreats for Women. Things are CHANGING! This is an exciting time in the studio because we are taking the work we have done for 10-20 years to a new level! I co-founded […]