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Sicily 2015! Join Helen and Me; Revive Your Artistic Self Next Summer–Deadline Jan 2015

Artist/Teacher Helen Wilson and I are organizing another artist retreat to Sicily June 8-16 2015!  This retreat is held at the Villa Ingram circa 1766, near Marsala, Sicily on 100 acres overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Space is limited to 10 as we are planning an in-depth, in-tense, in-timate experience for all!  Come spread your wings and [...]

The GIFT: How my Image Quest Journal Tending Prepared Me for My Mother’s Passing.

When I started using the powerful words REALIGN, RE-STORY, RENEW on my newsletter banner,  I had no idea what I was in for.  I thought that this message was for my participants! But, we gravitate towards, and teach, the very things we, ourselves are hungry for.  So, I am moved to share with you the transformation and some of the “ah ha’s” […]

Yesterday’s Mini Bodywriting Couples’ Retreat was FABULOUS!

Co Facilitated by Garet Bedrosian and Pamela Underwood NEXT:  3 Day Retreat, May 16-18 REGISTER HERE NOW for May! “You guys did an amazing job.  We are interested in coming to the 3 Day! ” T. G & B.B                    “We loved our time today.  Look forward to […]

Praise for “Image Quest Sojourn” Monthly Group

 Image Quest Sojourn       Join a body centered, art based community dedicated to YOUR transformation.  Sarah G.,  “There seems to be a bank of creativity that is available each day if we don’t spend all our energy on other things – like work and worry.  Alas, I spend great gobs of energy on those […]

Latest Show and Sicily Retreat for Women!

Latest Show and Sicily Retreat for Women!

This is my latest painting that was shown last month in the bi-annual “Tuesday Night Artist” exhibition.  I have been a member of the “Tuesday Night Art Group” facilitated by artist Helen Wilson for three years now.  Its great because it gives me a deadline among my other paintings and my Image Quest Sojourn’s journal tending. Helen […]

Producer films a Mini Bodywriting Retreat!

Producer films a Mini Bodywriting Retreat!

Saturday a mini “Bodywriting® Retreat for Women” was filmed by a producer from Hollywood and her camera MAN- for 7 hours!  They are making a documentary on the vital need for creativity in our society of consumers. Thanks to Bodywriting volunteers Laura Martin Makey, Pete Sievers, Violet Greenone, Sarah B Gutz, Vicki O’Brien, Megan Matthews  

Alchemy of Bodywriting Retreats for Women

Alchemy of Bodywriting Retreats for Women

Next Bodywriting:  October 26-30, 2103,       Taos,  New Mexico [slideshow_deploy id=’2338′] “You must be willing to enter into the unconventionality of it, to set ego aside, to become a beginner and set out to explore the last frontier of your inner landscape through the transformative process of the arts.”  Pamela Underwood We come […]

NOW FREE  Aug 17  “One Day Down and Dirty” Body Print Workshop in Poway, Ca

NOW FREE Aug 17 “One Day Down and Dirty” Body Print Workshop in Poway, Ca

My purpose is to SERVE WOMEN through the arts and this free offering is part of it! I was inspired to offer this one day Body Print workshop FREE   (see photos below)   as a promo for the Taos, NM Bodywriting Retreat for Women, NOTE DATE CHANGE!   October 26-30, 2013.  If you sign up for the […]