Bodywriting Retreats

bodywriting retreat for women pamela underwood studios

Limited availability: Bodywriting Retreat for Women

Clear your schedule–there’s 1 spot left for our annual Bodywriting Retreat for Women, with your name on it.  The retreat begins Wednesday, June 7 and ends Sunday, June 11, 2017. This retreat for women will take place at my home/studio in Poway, CA, only 35 minutes from San Diego. Here’s what you can expect from this expressive […]

bodywriting retreat for women pamela underwood studios

Strength in Numbers: a Retreat for Women

The more people that come together, the stronger the bonds between those people. In a recent Exhibit from the Bodywriting Retreat for Women, insightful females came together to admire detailed, intimate art from Pamela Underwood Studios’ Bodywriters. These Bodywriters shared their experiences through the paintings on display, each as intricate and telling as a personal biography. And […]

The Imprint of Women: we are powerful!

Pamela Underwood Studios will be hosting the upcoming event, “The Imprint of Women“.  The Imprint of Women will take place April 29, 2017 at Expressive Arts@32nd and Thorn. This event features previous Bodywriters and their art work, with their personal readings that tie thoughts to what they have created during the Bodywriting Retreat for Women. This […]


An artist’s story – Pamela Underwood

Pamela Underwood of Pamela Underwood Studios is an artist, facilitator, director, spiritual guide, friend, and more than anything, experienced. She is experienced in the process of discovering a personal feeling, drawing it out into the conscious thought, exploring it, and then transforming it into art. She discovered the power of Expressive Arts through her own […]

Coming this October: Beyond Bodywriting

On October 22 through to the 23, a beautiful retreat will take place for all past Bodywriters in Pamela Underwood’s San Diego studio. Join Pamela and past Bodywriters, immersed in the studio, to complete your body print and get it ready to hang in your home or for our next exhibit “The Imprint of Women” […]

Part ONE Megan’s Bodywriting: A Story of Transformation

November 2014 Thanks to Megan for sharing her intimate Bodywriting Story with us! This was Megan’s 2nd “Bodywriting® Retreat for Women.” Her first was in 2012. Megan Megan~ “I LOVE BODYWRITING!’ “Bodywriting has absolutely changed my life for the better. Somehow, it has helped me make better choices for myself across all areas of my life.  I […]