Private Expressive Arts Sessions: Discover something that lies inside you.

Private Expressive Arts Sessions: Discover something that lies inside you.

Art can be not only beautiful to observe, but a venue to channel one’s deepest thoughts, memories, feelings and more. Some of the most beautiful art comes from within a soul that had no previous idea of its deepest secrets, fears, or wishes. Expressive Arts is an effective way to find out what lies inside a heart.

In gentle but powerful ways, Expressive Arts serves those facing a challenge in their life as well those who long to discover a way to live a fuller, more resilient life through the creative process. The way that Pamela Underwood Studios utilizes the intensity of Expressive Arts is a truly powerful thing.

At Pamela Underwood Studios, a typical Expressive Arts session lasts 1- 1½ hours and includes two or more of the following arts: visual art, movement, sound or writing/poetry. You enter the session ready to explore an issue or concern in your life that is calling for attention.

After identifying the focus, the expressive arts therapist (noticing your movements, phrases or mood) begins to guide you toward a painting process, a movement, writing or sound.

Through art making and sensory awareness, you become able to feel into your issue – or the place you felt stuck – more objectively and with new possibility.

Before closing the session, we notice the resources found in the session, which you can take with you. Perhaps you discover a soothing movement, an awareness, a song, a drawing to be with during the week, a poem to read each day or an action to take.

Private Expressive Arts sessions are facilitated by Pamela Underwood, BFA, MA. Pamela is a professional visual artist as well as an Expressive Arts Therapist.


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