Expressive Arts may be the therapy you need

Expressive Arts may be the therapy you need

Expressive Arts is a deeply spiritual, beautiful art form. What makes it so unique from other arts is that the creation of the art itself is done using personal experience, feelings, thoughts, behaviors, and senses.

More than just an art form, Expressive Arts involves catharsis, or a person’s release of inner emotions. This means that no two experiences at Pamela Underwood Studios will ever be the same–each experience is as different as thumbprints, due to all the kinds of emotions, memories, and feelings that will be brought up in each session.

Expressive arts (EA) takes various different forms for every artist pursuing expressive arts. This art form can be linked to therapy, according to In their article “Expressive Arts Therapy“, EA may assist with mental health issues that happen to people around the world. Some of those conditions listed in the article were:

Disclaimer: this article in no way points to Expressive Arts as a healing or treatment method, or fixes any or all of these problems. While EA is in no way a clinical prescription for anyone’s personal problems, those who have partaken have found a certain healing within the process of creating their art.

EA is a unique and personal experience involving inner exploration. That exploration may result in something so much more than just a beautiful piece created during your time at Pamela Underwood Studios.

Who knows? EA may teach you something you never knew about yourself.



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