In these uncertain times, Jan Phillips brings us the Pillowcase Project

pillowcase project jan phillips

In these uncertain times, Jan Phillips brings us the Pillowcase Project

Almost anything can be a canvas, if you want it to be.

In the past, Pamela has asked her participants to write an intention on a pillowcas, then add color and images to support this intention.   They sleep and dream on their “pillowcase of  intention”.  In the morning they are asked to take up their bedside journal to write, noticing insights that come from the restoration of sleep and the wisdom of their dreams.

This brings the reason for “sleep” into a new realm, altering how, why we sleep and what we sleep with.

In these times of uncertainty and tumult, author/activist Jan Phillips is taking this concept to a new level.

Participate in the Pillowcase Project, an artistic way to rest your head on what is most important to you.

Jan Phillips, a good friend of Pamela’s and fellow artist, came up with the Pillowcase Project to help bring a light to people’s dreams and thoughts. It all starts with a picture or some words on, you guessed it, a pillowcase.

Jan chose pillowcases because everyone can get one inexpensively. Pillows are where our dreams are first imprinted. They are basically a one-size-fits-all. You can apply photos, text, paint...more

…In one real-time example, some women here might take their cases to the Women’s March on January 21.

For more information on the Pillowcase Project and Jan Phillips, visit her site and sign up for her Museletter.

Pillowcase Pow Wow with Jan Phillips
February 25
12:00 am – 4:00 pm
Jan Phillips


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