Hints for preparing art, created on un-stretched canvas, to be “Ready to Hang”

Hints for preparing art, created on un-stretched canvas, to be “Ready to Hang”

In this post I am addressing ways to prepare art for hanging that has been created on un stretched canvas such as art that we make during The Bodywriting Retreats for Women.

February 16, 2013 Bodywriters will be having another exhibit of their work, The Imprint of Women; 2013 Bodywriting Retreat Exhibit.  AND you are invited!!

Some helpful hints on ways to present are below.  If you would like to register to show your Bodywriting Art click here for details.

 If you want some help getting your print ready to hang,  register for our Project Bodywriting Studio Days, Jan 19 and Feb 2.

Art must be delivered by February 5 to Pamela Underwood Studio Poway, Ca  to be in the show.

The art works below were all shown at the Cal State University San Marcos Bodywriting Retreat show in 2008 (except for the Maiden of Fire painting at the bottom of the page).   They were chosen for the variety of ways they were made “Ready to Hang”.   I will attempt to explain how each one was prepared.  Of course, these are not the only ways to do this but they might get your imagination flowing when it comes to your own body print and what would work best for it.

IMG_0980This body print is a prayer.  It has a casing at the top (the top of the canvas was draped back to form a pocket and stitched or glued) with a dowel inserted to hang on the wall.  A scarf is draped over the dowel.

The bottom has a border of fabric with a series of small silk pouches attached, each with a treasure inside.  The book in the center of the print holds a prayer.  This visitor is reading a miniature version of the book.  The artist made multiples of the small books as offerings that the viewer in invited to take with them.

Artist; Judy Reeves

031This piece was stretched onto stretcher bars and hung

by a wire in back.

Artist; Kate McCavitt







IMG_0975This is not a very good shot but it is a cool application.

This artist created  a patch quilt border for the top and the bottom of this print.

There is a dowel at the top from which it hangs.

Artist; Patricia Wilcox






IMG_0974There is a natural stick from which this canvas hangs that is lashed onto the top of this piece with ribbon.

The artist put grommets all the way around the perimeter of the canvas to ‘frame’ the art.

Artist;  Laura Makey






033This was a canvas print that the artist beaded, appliquéd, stitched and quilted.  To finish it off she sewed a border of complimentary fabric around the perimeter and put loops on the back from which to hang.

Artist; Jane LaFazio







030You can see clearly here the dowel or rod that is slipped through the ‘casing’ or ‘sleeve’ at the

top of the art.  The heart and wings were then added as the finishing touch.

Artist: Julie Kelpin







 010There are a series of tabs that were looped at the top of this piece to insert

the painted dowel.  See how the tab shape repeats the crossword

puzzle box shape?  It was a great choice!

Artist; Violet







The artist took a piece of fabric and created a casing to hold a rod ,

finishing it off with a ric-rac trim which reflects all of the stitching that is in the body of the


Artist; Nancy Lemke






008 This artist added little collages along the right side of her print.  To hang it she used drapery clips along the top.  Artist; Sarah Gutz


Photo on 1-15-13 at 8.55 AM    Photo on 1-15-13 at 8.54 AM    Photo on 1-15-13 at 8.53 AM


The three pics above show a hanging method that I used on my painting “Maiden of Fire”, though it is not a body print, this is a very nice method to use.  It has a grommet on either end and hangs on the wall from drapery hardware called Tie Backs.  These tie backs happen to be birds.  To me it feels as if the birds are actually lifting the painting into the air!

Artist; Pamela Underwood

HAVE FUN!  If you have any ideas to add please leave a comment!


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