NEW COURSE: The Artist’s Way Through Expressive Arts

NEW COURSE: The Artist’s Way Through Expressive Arts

This course is based on Julia Cameron’s block buster book The Artist’s Way; a spiritual path to higher creativity, but takes it further, into art making, into our body, to seal in the work we do on a cellular level.

Integrating the power of group visual art making, sound, poetry and movement with the readings of Cameron’s book, daily journaling, artist’s dates and weekly tasks, fosters the cross pollination of ideas and courage by association to gain resiliency and clarity of passion and motivation in our lives.

“I have taught The Artist’s Way through the Expressive Arts since 1994. I continue to be inspired to offer this unique way of experiencing Cameron’s book, because of the deep changes and insights I have seen participants gain. I have watched as they continued to make tangible changes in their lives, years after completion of this course. ”
Pamela Underwood

Pre Requisite for this Course

Mark your calendar before registering to be sure you can make all classes. Contact Pamela if you have questions.

Dedicate time to reading a chapter a week, journaling every day, doing 1/2 of the tasks and taking artist date each week.

Purchase book, read up to the chapter called “Week One” prior to first meeting. This includes important information:Introductions, Spiritual Electricity and Basic Tools:

Supplies Provided

Mixed Media Sketchbook Journal
All art materials provided during class


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