NEXT “Beyond Bodywriting” and 2017 NEXT Bodywriting Exhibit

NEXT “Beyond Bodywriting” and 2017 NEXT Bodywriting Exhibit

We had a great 2 day retreat with your Bodywriting Tribe…and we are doing it again!

Event: NEXT  “Beyond Bodywriting”
Pre requisite: Past Bodywriter
Date: January 21-22, 2017
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This event will be followed by another Bodywriting event. The date is still being determined.

Event: NEXT Bodywriting Exhibit: “The Imprint of Women”
Date: April 29- May 14, 2017
Location: Expressive Arts @32nd and Thorn

It was a Bodywriters’ paint, move, collage, sound, drum, slumber party!!

We immersed in the creative process for two days/one night with our Bodywriting Tribe.

Fabulous food, soaks in the jacuzzi and heart to heart sharing.

We worked on our existing print, some started a new body print, and we made a plan for getting them ready to hang in the upcoming show.

Join us next time: Jan, 21-22, 2017

Below are snapshots of the retreat.

Dear Pamela
I’m writing to thank you for the powerfully transforming experience that is Bodywriting. As you know I began my piece about three years ago and have worked with her on my own off and on, knowing I would need help to finish her.
Last weekend I brought her to your studio for a Beyond Bodywriting Retreat. It was just what I needed. The group was like minded and so supportive.
I am still amazed that something this powerful came out of that process. She now hangs in my living room for the first time
Body writing is so much more than the art that came from it. It’s about the supportive group process and the support and safe environment you provide.
Thank you for making this all possible for us
Naomi(Cathy Vinson)

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