Part ONE Megan’s Bodywriting: A Story of Transformation

Part ONE Megan’s Bodywriting: A Story of Transformation

November 2014

Thanks to Megan for sharing her intimate Bodywriting Story with us!

This was Megan’s 2nd “Bodywriting® Retreat for Women.” Her first was in 2012.

IMG_2572 (1) Megan


“Bodywriting has absolutely changed my life for the better.

Somehow, it has helped me make better choices for myself across all areas of my life.  I feel that my own sense of creativity is so expanded, rich and juicy.


Megan, Cassandra and Pamela discussing options for the next print.                 Megan preparing to print her body...   Megan preparing to body print. 


“When women come together to experience Bodywriting
there is a beautiful unfolding of each other’s stories…
There is a weaving together of our experiences and feelings.
Without words, the images that hold these feelings begin to
emerge in the studio around us.” 

Pamela making sure Megan’s paint doesn’t dry out with a spritz of water…!!
Megan approaching the canvas…
Gently lowering herself down…

To be continued…

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    OMG, I love Megan. She’s painted with me and I can’t wait to see the final image…will you show it?

    Love to you Pamela!

    • Reply

      Yes Janat, I will definately show it. I am doing it in 4 parts so the last one will be on Sunday with the final painting. Hope you are doing great!!! XP

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