See What People Say About Expressive Arts

See What People Say About Expressive Arts

Pamela found the deepest parts of her spirit within the practices of expressive arts. Her experience was so helpful, so powerful, and so life-changing, that she devoted her life to guiding others through life-changing journeys as powerful as hers.

Pamela Underwood Studios has different, multiple expressive arts events that fit almost any time schedule, lifestyle, or other personal preference. These different events have only grown in size over time thanks to the popularity of the Studio and its offerings.

These experiences were so inspirational for participants, that they took the time to write to Pamela about their great experiences. The people she guides are not just celebrities or people with artistic finesse, but everyday people as well, all who are looking for something deeper than any museum or painting class can offer. Here are just a few testimonials of what people are saying about Pamela Underwood Studios:

Debbie, a real estate agent, said “When I decided to give Bodywriting a try, I was an emotional and physical wreck.  My marriage of 22 years was dissolving.  I was really surprised how many of my feelings surfaced (the first) night (during the Intuitive Collage).   The experience of slathering paint on my body and imprinting not only gave me a spiritual sense of freeing myself, it was fun!  I felt a real connection with the other women.  I left there feeling stronger, more sure of myself, more creative.   Thank you, Pamela, for your loving guidance and direction.”

A writer and editor named Violet spoke of Pamela’s event with an only positive review. Where do I begin to say a heartfelt THANK YOU (to Pamela Underwood) for an amazing experience!  The bond I felt with our group was so safe, comfortable, and warm… it was like a giant hug held me throughout the weekend. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Thanks to you… I can now shout from the rooftops – I AM AN ARTIST!”

Sister Mary Michael found the spiritual importance to expressive arts, as well in Pamela’s image quest sojourn. “I am more alive, observant and turned on to all of life’s possibilities. I also have an inner stability that comes from knowing that an enormous inner resource is available to me through the use of a visual vocabulary.” – Image Quest Sojourn


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