Spring Newsletter

Spring Newsletter

Greetings to You All!

I am so excited to announce that our first grandbaby girl will be born in May!

That is when I will be heading for Costa Rica to support my daughter and son in law in her birth and to help mom, dad and baby “reposition” their lives as they form a new family.

Because of this happy news I have had to rethink my yearly goals! Now, my goal is to become a grama and then complete my book about creativity based on the “Image Quest Group” before the new family moves back to San Diego in January. My other goal is to create abundant art to fill a one woman show at the Ink Spot’s gallery in mid September. I hope you can come to the reception and I hope you will be inspired by my new book! I will keep you posted throughout my writing/art-making sabbatical.

Our “Monthly Women’s Group”, “Seasonal Labyrinth Walks” and “Client Studio Day” will continue as scheduled. However, there is a trade off. Sadly, what will be given up is the Fall “Image Quest Group”, “Artist’s Way Group” and the traditional Fall “Bodywriting Retreat”.

“Bodywriting Retreat”

However! You still have an opportunity to participate in the April 23-26 Bodywriting Retreat for Women…and there is more good news!

Over the years Bodywriting has transformed into a fabulous 4 day/three night retreat. It now begins on Thursday at 5:30pm and ends on Sunday at 5:30pm. Of course, the price has gone up accordingly, but, if you are interested in participating I will be happy to give you $55 off of the total amount. Also, remember that past Bodywriters always get $50 off! So, that would be $105 OFF for past Bodywriters!

Take advantage of this one time offer!

NEW! Facilitator Trainings

All groups and retreats will resume February, 2010 along with an all NEW “Art Making Group Facilitator Training” which is a pre requisite to the all NEW “Bodywriting Retreat for Women Facilitator Training”. Yes! I am ready to pass Bodywriting on so that it can reach even more women around the world. If you are interested in either of these opportunities, please contact me now so that you are one of the first to learn about the details! More to come…

Have a wonderful spring and I invite you to our Free Summer Labyrith Walk on June 28. You JUST HAVE to experience the amazing volunteer native trees that have grown up to ten feet tall along the labyrinth path! They offer shade and rich green life to the already sacred space. Remember to RSVP.

Spring Blessings to you and yours,



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