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27 July 2017
expressive arts studio san diego area

Three reasons why you should visit the Expressive Arts studio in San Diego

You’re planning a San Diego trip soon, wanting a memorable experience to take home, so why not visit the Pamela Underwood Expressive Arts Studio in Poway, California? Of course there are the beaches, the San Diego Zoo, the Gaslamp Quarter, and more, but there is also a place where you can create your own art through […]

colors used in expressive arts

The power of colors in expressive arts

Colors make things exciting. Colors make things different. Colors make something bland beautiful. Colors also bring something out of us. They draw emotion, feelings, and memories containing that particular color, or set of colors. At Pamela Underwood Studios, no color is ignored or forgotten about; each color is important in the painting of one’s expressive […]

Expressive Arts may be the therapy you need

Expressive Arts is a deeply spiritual, beautiful art form. What makes it so unique from other arts is that the creation of the art itself is done using personal experience, feelings, thoughts, behaviors, and senses. More than just an art form, Expressive Arts involves catharsis, or a person’s release of inner emotions. This means that […]

Private Expressive Arts Sessions: Discover something that lies inside you.

Art can be not only beautiful to observe, but a venue to channel one’s deepest thoughts, memories, feelings and more. Some of the most beautiful art comes from within a soul that had no previous idea of its deepest secrets, fears, or wishes. Expressive Arts is an effective way to find out what lies inside […]

What is Expressive arts and why do it?

Expressive arts is not as well-known in comparison to other art forms. What is so powerful about it, however, is the experience that has through expressive arts. So, what is Expressive arts? Expressive arts enlivens what lives at the margins of our life’s experiences. It is a physical, intimate representation of pieces, chains of events, and chapters of […]

Coming this October: Beyond Bodywriting

On October 22 through to the 23, a beautiful retreat will take place for all past Bodywriters in Pamela Underwood’s San Diego studio. Join Pamela and past Bodywriters, immersed in the studio, to complete your body print and get it ready to hang in your home or for our next exhibit “The Imprint of Women” […]

Yesterday’s Mini Bodywriting Couples’ Retreat was FABULOUS!

Co Facilitated by Garet Bedrosian and Pamela Underwood NEXT:  3 Day Retreat, May 16-18 REGISTER HERE NOW for May! “You guys did an amazing job.  We are interested in coming to the 3 Day! ” T. G & B.B                    “We loved our time today.  Look forward to […]

Hints for preparing art, created on un-stretched canvas, to be “Ready to Hang”

Hints for preparing art, created on un-stretched canvas, to be “Ready to Hang”

In this post I am addressing ways to prepare art for hanging that has been created on un stretched canvas such as art that we make during The Bodywriting Retreats for Women. February 16, 2013 Bodywriters will be having another exhibit of their work, The Imprint of Women; 2013 Bodywriting Retreat Exhibit.  AND you are […]