Limited availability: Bodywriting Retreat for Women

bodywriting retreat for women pamela underwood studios

Limited availability: Bodywriting Retreat for Women

Clear your schedule–there’s 1 spot left for our annual Bodywriting Retreat for Women, with your name on it. 
The retreat begins Wednesday, June 7 and ends Sunday, June 11, 2017. This retreat for women will take place at my home/studio in Poway, CA, only 35 minutes from San Diego.
Here’s what you can expect from this expressive arts retreat:
  • space to think, listen and connect to yourself and others of like mind
  • useful and practical daily journaling and visual art techniques
  • free time to focus, feed your soul, and paint in the studio
  • an opportunity to see, and be seen by others in a safe space
  • learn helpful feedback methods to take your
    art making to a deeply satisfying, restorative level
  • maximum of 8 women to enjoy healthy meals and stories together
  • express with poetry, visual art, drumming, and movement
  • walk the outdoor labyrinth and to the Yoni Rock with your
    Bodywriting Tribe
  • AND experience a one-on-one Expressive Arts Session with me –
You will get a chance to brainstorm with a seasoned artist, get feedback, 
and learn about techniques that are specific to your art work, to keep you 
moving through your process. 
We will have group art making as well as “Circle Check ins” to stay current 
with one another and share our process, concerns and celebrations. 
As always, it’s going to be fabulous, rich and inspiring. AND ART WILL HAPPEN!


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