“Thanks is given!” November 2009

“Thanks is given!” November 2009

Still,  I stand
Smiling earthbound bubble, light as a feather
Adding new dimension to life
A clearing of yellow diamonds
 Infinate journey, time for joy and abundance
        Gratitude powers flight as miniature winged windows opens to heart’s core


Thanks is given to all who came Saturday to support and  view my show of recent paintings and mixed media entitled “Image as Companion”.   There was a fabulous turnout!   This is my first one woman show since our home and studio burned down in the 2003 Cedar Wildfires.

The show will hang through November 7 when there will be a closing reception and Salon Talk called “Living with Images as Companions”.  I hope to see you there!

If you are weary of hearing about “Pamela’s life according to fires”, you might want to skip this part.  I too feel weary when I hear myself, AGAIN, tracking my life on the ‘fire timeline’.  But, this is the way that I have moved forward.

My last comprehensive shows were fifteen years ago.  This blew me away when I realized this!  After the dust settled from these three shows, I worked consistently to build a fresh, new body of work.  The newly framed work was hung in the house.  Then our first fire swept through. The interior fire began in the kitchen and traveled from room to room along the dry wooden ceiling and down the walls.  The new art work was quickly reduced to ash. These virgin pieces had never been shown.  After we rebuilt, I began work creating new art once again. There were some very large paintings; paintings of crows, babies, yoni rocks, exciting paintings that were loyal companions while I earned a master’s degree and survived the challenging years of my teenagers.  Whew! Life was good!
And then the Cedar Fire passed through and devoured all of that work…my masters thesis, the rebuilt house and studio too.

So, here we are, five years later.  I have again worked hard to build a new body of work… and thankfully it now hangs, safe and sound, downtown at San Diego’s  ”Ink Spot Gallery Space”.

The gallery space is only open during events.  However, let me know if you want to join a group for a private showing October 26.  On November 7 from 5:00pm-7:30pm there will also be a Salon Talk about the process of developing relationships with images that emerge.


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