Latest Show and Sicily Retreat for Women!

Latest Show and Sicily Retreat for Women!

“They Walk Among Us” by Pamela Underwood

This is my latest painting that was shown last month in the bi-annual “Tuesday Night Artist” exhibition.  I have been a member of the “Tuesday Night Art Group” facilitated by artist Helen Wilson for three years now.  Its great because it gives me a deadline among my other paintings and my Image Quest Sojourn’s journal tending.

4 Racalia, Sicily (10)
Racalia Sicily Studio

Helen and I have a mutual admiration for each other’s work  and have worked to support one another as artists since 1995.

We are excited to co-facilitate our Sicily, Italy retreat “Artists’ Revival @ Racalia” June 2014!   Now, we are ready to work with YOU in the Sicily studio to support your art!!   (studio above).


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