March 20 2011 Spring Labyrinth Walk in the rain!

March 20 2011 Spring Labyrinth Walk in the rain!

There were ten who came out for the Spring Equinox Labyrinth Walk , in the rain and 30-40 mile an hour winds!  It was so exhilarating!  I know that for anyone from the north or east of us that this weather isn’t as big of a deal as it is for us San Diegans- but we take what we can get to feel a change in season!  The good news is that the Labyrinth, located at the lower part of the property, is in a relatively protected area from the high winds.  It was MAGICAL with the wind, rain and subtle lighting .  After the walk we joined up the hill at the studio to write and paint to seal in our intention for the Spring with art making.   This culminated in a group poem that we took away with us.  Everyone got a picture of their painting the next day.  Good, wet work, everyone!

Join us next at the Summer Labyrinth Walk on June 19 (great Father’s Day outing for the whole family).  All ages welcome!  Blessings, Pamela


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