What is Expressive arts and why do it?

What is Expressive arts and why do it?

Expressive arts is not as well-known in comparison to other art forms. What is so powerful about it, however, is the experience that has through expressive arts.

So, what is Expressive arts?

Expressive arts enlivens what lives at the margins of our life’s experiences. It is a physical, intimate representation of pieces, chains of events, and chapters of our lives. It creates a threshold for the authentic exploration of ourselves.

And why should you do it?

Expressive arts stimulates the prime language of your imagination. Images may be fearless, awe-inspiring or mundane. It allows us to explore ourselves and our place in this world. This exploration begins with sharing, but is primarily nonverbal. Through artistic expression, we can reach inside and access sensations of memories and glimmerings that are expressed best through imagery.

If you desire to explore the images that currently stay dormant in your mind and soul, consider Expressive arts. It may have a more spiritual and deeper than you could ever reach with other art forms.


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